This School By ARX Portugal Features A Rooftop Playground
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This School By ARX Portugal Features A Rooftop Playground Redbridge School in Lisbon by ARX Portugal is formed of two wood-framed buildings clad with metal, one featuring a playground on its roof. Located at two ends of a dense site, the new structures sit either side of a pre-existing building.

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The larger building to the north houses the main programme of the school, with a canteen at the ground floor level and classrooms above. On the top floor, a large, multifunctional space serves as an events space, gymnasium, and an indoor playground.

Large windows provide views of the city below and dormer window-style vents circulate fresh air. The northern elevation faces directly onto the street with a run of windows for the classrooms on each level, the brown metal-clad upper storeys sitting atop a pale stone-clad base that curves around the street corner.

Facing southwards, the building overlooks a thin, planted strip between the school and the villa. A glazed cut through the eastern gable end creates an irregularly-shaped lightwell and entrance area, aligning with the internal corridors to draw in natural light.

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