This House In Portugal Has A Monolithic Roof
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This House In Portugal Has A Monolithic Roof   Located in Portugal, this house with a monolithic roof was designed by Spaceworkers, a Portuguese architecture, and design studio. Join Secrets From Portugal if you want to see this amazing project.

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Designing from the inside out, spaceworkers began by differentiating the interior spaces according to function. with some rooms soaring to double-height ceilings or clever voids of light, the design-led to an uneven roof plane that protrudes and recesses. in this way, the architect considered the roof as a fifth façade, which influenced the idealization of the remaining elevations.

The roof is expressed as a dense and monolithic cover. evoking the idea of a cave, the heavy roof reminds residents of their own scale as humans and the ancestral importance of shelter. in balance, the lower first-floor volume is formed in timber and glass, making the stone above appear almost to levitate. once inside, residents are bathed in natural light and airy spaces, providing a total contrast to the heavy stone of the external upper mass. 

Time has also been an important factor when designing the house as spaceworkers has considered how the materials will age. as the years pass the textured concrete will naturally age and become more integrated into the rural surroundings. the same will happen to the timber base, which the older it gets the more magnificence it will become, enriching the house.

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