Portuguese Houses That Make Clever Use Of Marble
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Portuguese Houses That Make Clever Use Of Marble Marble is often used in the house for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, but there are also plenty of other ways it can be employed to add character to living spaces.

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Graça Apartment By Fala Atelier

Tiles of veiny white marble cover the floor of this long and narrow living space, located inside a 19th-century Lisbon flat renovated by Fala Atelier. Meanwhile, other varieties of marble provide the surfaces of tables, chairs, and worktops.

Apartment Nana By Rar Studio

Rar Studio opted for peachy Portuguese marble to complete one bathroom in this renovated 19th-century flat in Lisbon. It offers a contemporary counterpoint to the historic details, which include ceiling moldings and faded ceramic tiles.

A029 Apartment By Camarim Arquitectos

Camarim Arquitectos managed to slot a marble-lined steam room underneath the sloping roof of this Lisbon apartment. A glazed opening in the ceiling and large panels of glass help flood the space and an adjacent bedroom with natural light.

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