Pedrali‘s New Furniture Collection Has Brought To Life Casa 3000
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Pedrali‘s New Furniture Collection Has Brought To Life Casa 3000 Located in the Alentejo region, Portugal, Casa 3000 is a solitary red house designed by Rebelo de Andrade. The Italian brand Pedrali has brought to life this house with their newest furniture collection. Join Secrets From Portugal and discover everything!

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Called #pedralitales, the Italian brand’s indoor and outdoor pieces are dotted around and throughout the dramatic architecture, which is characterized by striking shapes of clean lines and bright colors. In stark contrast, this backdrop highlights the calm elegance of the furniture designs – all captured in scenes by Andrea Garuti.

Created by CMP design, here we have the Tribeca Collection. The materials have been reimagined: a steel frame supports the elastic-like weave of highly durable, colorful and easy to clean plastic. These woven cords cast mesmerizing shadows onto the ground below. The distinctive versatility of the design makes it adaptable and suitable for a variety of settings.

The final outdoor scene unites many of Pedrali’s outdoor furnishing together as one. Here, the wireless Giravolta Outdoor Lamp, created by Basaglia Rota Nodari, sits as a cornerstone between the Patrick Jouin-designed Reva Lounge Chair And Sofa.

Inside, the eclectic design of casa 3000 continues. The Jamaica Armchair, designed by CMP Design, is characterized by a modernist mixture of forms, materials and chromatic colors. Its angular legs support a thinly curved wood back and metal armrests above.

Moving throughout the home, the second room is furnished by the Remind Armchair designed by Eugeni Quitllet. Reflecting a similar romantic moment in time, the chairs sit around the simple yet elegant Fluxo Table by Luca Casini, which is constructed from a stable aluminum base and a choice of differently shaped and material tops. 

Created by CMP Design, the Folk Chair defines a universally friendly personality through its welcoming ash wood and soft, compact dimensions. The Vic Armchair by Patrick Norguet seat sits upon four legs of either ash wood or steel tubes, before ascending to a lifted backrest that is only tied on at its very ends. The distinctively open and light design is complemented by the styles of the Inox Table, and the Tamara Suspension Lamp by Basaglia Rota Nodari.

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