Lavandaria Morinha: A Modern Laundrette in Portugal
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Lavandaria Morinha: A Modern Laundrette in Portugal Located in the municipality of Amarante, Lavandaria Morinha is a laundrette that includes a service area for garment alterations, repairs, dry cleaning, and ironing. Join Secrets From Portugal and discover everything!

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The Design studio Stu.dere looked into traditional washing methods to create the interior of this laundrette in northern Portugal, which features marble and green-tile surfaces.

Although the space has a contemporary, pared-back aesthetic, Stu.dere were loosely inspired by washhouses – communal buildings where members of the public would wash their clothes, which were prevalent during the 17th and 18th centuries.

According to Stu.dere, the aim was to create a harmonious, simple, yet elegant environment that would translate the duality between tradition and modernity, where people would feel comfortable using the space.

Washing machines line the laundrette’s entryway. They sit close to a row of marble tables and timber chairs where visitors can relax while they wait for laundry to be done. Here a vending machine with snacks and drinks has been inset into the wall, beside a red neon sign that states the laundrette’s name.

Dotted throughout the space are a handful of porthole windows that mimic the shape of a washing machine drum. The gridded metal door that leads to the service area is also meant to reflect the formation of the tiles across the wall.

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