Fall In Love With This L Shaped House In Porto De Mós
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Fall In Love With This L Shaped House In Porto De Mós Designed by Contaminar, this family house also known as ‘casa tojal’ is located in the Porto de Mós municipality, in Portugal. The building looks like it was torn into the ground, created as an integral part of the landscape, and leaning over the olive tree valley that surrounds it. Join Secrets From Portugal and discover everything!

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The family house by Contaminar crosses the land from its highest to its lowest level, and, in an act of geometric continuity, hides and reveals itself through the local topography. The architects call the project ‘shy and bucolic’, with its clean design seeking a sometimes subtle and other times, contrasting integration, always maintaining the balance between the built structure and the natural environment.

The ‘L’ shaped house consists of two concrete volumes, that are visually separated by the entrance. one of the volumes emerges from the land and houses the garage and technical areas, while the other occupies the total width of the lot but, due to its permeable, transparent character, it allows the continuous unfolding of the building.

The residence includes a porch that functions as an exterior corridor on the south facade, mirrored by an interior corridor that runs parallel behind a glass facade. the program develops around the central core, ensuring that the spatial distribution allows generous sunlight access and landscape views to all rooms

The project consists of simple forms and volumes, with attention to details. it responds to the need for a comfortable and tranquil environment that fits harmoniously into its landscape and topographic context without losing its personal character. 

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