Belas Clube Campo: Where Nature And Modernity Meet
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Belas Clube Campo: Where Nature And Modernity Meet Created by André Jordan, Belas Clube de Campo symbolizes quality of life. This is the first condominium in Portugal certified to resist climate change. Join Secrets From Portugal and get a deeper connection with nature by discovering everything about this place.

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Belas Clube Campo was born with the aim of safeguarding an area of great natural beauty, adapting it to an urban project where the previous environmental qualities were rigorously preserved.

The project was designed in accordance with a high landscape framing, sensitive use of topography and protection of natural habitats, as well as promoting a diverse fauna and flora.

This condominium has just been certified by the standard that attests its resilience to climate change, among other things, within the scope of the LiderA system, and with a high degree of classification (class A).

Manuel Duarte Pinheiro, responsible for the LiderA system explainsthat “All communities and areas are, in a way, vulnerable to natural or man-made hazards. Learning to live with risk, accepting this vulnerability, shocks, and tensions, and developing a collective tolerance for risk, is the first step towards becoming more resilient ”

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